Our special Intergenerational Church School days intentionally take into account the fact that there are learners of different ages and experiences in attendance. The programs seek to teach to the hearts of everyone present.

Intergenerational teaching and learning benefits both adults and children. It provides opportunities for all generations to understand the material differently and benefit from another perspective. It is a unique opportunity for the young to learn from the old, and for the old to learn from the young.

Examples of past Intergenerational programs include: World Communion Bread Making, Advent Wreath Making, Advent Spiral, and Holy Week Walk.

While we would like to strongly encourage participation from people of all ages, United Parish Safe Church Policy requires that children be accompanied by an adult.

Upcoming Intergenerational Events

March 28, 2021 - 9:30am (Palm Sunday Peace Parade)

Latest Intergenerational News

Introducing "Frozen Fridays" Fellowship Nights
Posted: Dec 23 2020 - 11:51am

Come ring in the New Year with us! The Gathering team at United Parish invites you to our "Frozen Fridays" fellowship events for the month of January on Zoom. Most events will start at 8pm (except January 15 when it will start at 6:50pm) and something new will be featured each Friday. Events include: Oscar winning short films, "Astronights", group painting, trivia and game nights. 

Friday, January 22 at 8pm:

Join us this Friday for our United Parish Frozen Friday gathering which will be a painting class led by our own Carolyn M.! The class will begin at 8pm and below is a list of some suggested materials to gather or purchase if you would like to participate in the painting. The art making will be accessible to all ages but if you would rather watch and learn and enjoy some art inspired conversation, we would love to have you. Hope to see you there. Check your weekly email for the Zoom information.
(Materials not provided, but if you need help getting supplies, please contact
You'll need:
1. brushes;
3. some kind of paint paper such as watercolor paper or Bristol paper (thicker than printer paper);
4. water;
5. a disposable plate or palette paper for the paints;
6. clean-up materials

Friday, January 15 at 6:50pm: AstroNights is a live, family-friendly exploration of your night sky that you can join from the comfort of your home with educators from the Christa McAuliffe Center for Integrated Science Learning at Framingham State University. Educators leave audiences with simple advice for observing your real night sky when the program is over. From the colorful characters in our own solar system to the weird and wonderful things far beyond, each program is sure to contain something of interest to armchair astronomers of all ages. Learn more.

So pop some corn and find your juniorest of mints and join us for a fun evening that will warm your heart, even in the cold of winter.

The Zoom info will be in the weekly newsletter, or contact for more information.

Virtual Collaborative Advent Wreath
Posted: Oct 26 2020 - 3:05pm

We are creating a virtual, congregation-wide Advent wreath! We invite families to send in a photograph of something that represents HOPE, PEACE, JOY, and/or LOVE. This can be a photo of a drawing, an arranged photograph, a sculpture, something in nature, you name it! We will compile these images into slideshows that we will show in worship when we light the Advent wreath each week. Submissions are due by Sunday, November 22, and should be sent to Pastor Amy at

Image credit: Rotterdam UMC

Eavesdrop on October Church School!
Posted: Oct 1 2020 - 1:49pm

As Church School gets into full swing, we encourage everyone in the congregation to eavesdrop on what our children and youth are learning this month!

For the month of October, the Elementary students are learning about prayer! They are learning that prayer is how we talk to God, that it’s one of the ways God can talk to us, and that there are many different ways of praying, including the special prayer that Jesus taught us called The Lord’s Prayer.

There are some pretty cool activities that children are invited to do at home with their families (activity kits are ready for pickup!), you can check them out too if you are looking for more pizza, sacred doodling, or science-experimenting in your life. 

Our Middle and High School students are beginning Nadia Bolz Weber’s Have a Little Faith series. You can follow along with the Big Questions they’re pondering by clicking on the links below!



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